Welcome to Roadmap

Join a hand-picked community of Product Managers

1:1 Chats

Each member of Roadmap is required to have monthly 1:1 with another member of the community. Networking for the win!

Show & Tell

Members can share what they’re working on (nothing confidential), educating the group as well as soliciting feedback.


Questions, frameworks, problem solving methods, conflict resolution methods, online courses, etc., they all happen here!


"Roadmap has been instrumental in expanding my network. I've genuinely discovered a product management community that fosters professional development and continuous learning. I love the 1:1 chats!"

-PM at Github

"Roadmap was so helpful when I needed career advice. I was connected in my first 1:1 to a PM at Google who was a wizard at navigating internal politics."

- PM at Microsoft

"Roadmap made me feel fulfilled as a mentor. I got my MBA from a top 7 school, and another PM in the group was considering applying. I was able to give her advice about what worked for me."

-Sr PM at Google

To get started with Roadmap, apply for an intake call!

Why is a call required? One of the core value propositions of Roadmap involves 1:1 meetings with others in the community. The intake call helps with the personalized matching process!

Roadmap is in its early stages and only accepting the best. If accepted, you'll receive the Roadmap Manifesto and an invitation to book an intake call.